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Client Testimonials & Photos

Before & After Photos (by popular request!)

Taken approximately one year apart starting from their arrival at Core Equestrian, these photos show how these horses developed a correct topline and general physical improvement that even an untrained eye should be able to appreciate!

Client Testimonials

I've spent my life dabbling in horses, beginner lessons in just about every discipline, and a few leases here and there. However, when I came back to horses after a long hiatus, I found Core Equestrian and have never been happier.
I started with lessons, and Chrissy helped me find my unicorn of a horse through her network of contacts. Our partnership continues to grow daily and that, as Chrissy says, "is when the magic happens!" The most awesome thing about Chrissy and her program is her respect for the horse and willingness (and ability!) to listen to them. She tailors her lessons to the needs of each rider. Marcela and Jenna have also taught me so many valuable lessons on this journey of a lifetime, and are always lending a helping hand at the barn. Core Equestrian staff care for the horses as if they were their own, and my horse is happy and thriving. Students are encouraged to set their own riding goals, and Core Equestrian helps them get there!  -Alice C.

​Little did I know when I picked up the phone to ask for an instructor to give my daughter a few riding lessons, that I would meet one of the people who would have the most profound and positive impact on her life. Chrissy is all of the things I want her to emulate: strong, intelligent, respectful, possessing great integrity, and with a big splash of humor to bind it altogether.
-Genese I.


If you are looking for a calm, professional, friendly instructor, this is your barn.  Chrissy has extensive experience riding, training, and coaching in Europe and she brings her own relaxed and positive teaching style to the rigor of classical discipline.  She really goes the extra mile to make sure the clients' needs and the horses' needs are met.  The barn is quiet, local, and well-kept. - Olynda D.

Chrissy runs an incredible program for the beginner through to expert level riding.  She instills into her students both her mastery of the sport as well her work ethic. Her instruction is wonderful and always engaging. Lessons are tailored to each student's needs. The barn is a quiet and clean facility. The horses are expertly cared for and wonderful to work with. The facilities are top notch with lovely outdoor rings and easily access to trails.  I would recommend Chrissy and Core Equestrian to anyone learning to ride or looking to take their riding to the next level. - Kristin A.

Excellent one on one attention given to both the rider and horse. Chrissy cares for the horses like her own. Quiet and beautiful outdoor arenas, with easy access to great trails! I would highly recommend this training facility! - Blake C.

​Core Equestrian is hands down the best barn I have ridden at. Chrissy runs a beautiful barn and a wonderful program. As each horse and rider has their own needs, Chrissy tailors a riding and training program particularly for them!  The barn is in a convenient location and has a lot to offer with trails, dressage and jumping arenas, a walker, and many other amenities.  After riding with Core Equestrian, I could not imagine riding anywhere else. - Jenna N.

Chrissy is a remarkable trainer - she has the talent as a rider and an instructor to bring her clients and horses to the next level. She is thoughtful about every person and horse in her program, and tailors her approach to suit individual needs and goals. And if you happen to be in the market, she also is proactive, considerate, and well-connected when it comes to finding horses (either temporary or permanent) that are a great fit for each of her clients. Chrissy's dedication to the sport, coupled with a calm and fun approach to how she manages the barn really permeates the program. Core Equestrian is by far the best stable and program I have ever been a part of! - Veronica P.

Finding Chrissy and Core Equestrian as an adult beginner rider was exactly what I needed! After making slow progress with other trainers, Chrissy guided me quickly and carefully to an appreciation of the basics of riding and dressage, all the while respecting my goals and busy schedule.  The only thing that might exceed Chrissy's ability to ride and train all levels of riders is her love and care of horses. Chrissy helped me to buy my first horse and since, I have watched her provide excellent care and training. In addition to Chrissy, Jenna is very talented in both training riders as well as their horses!  ​-Nancy S.

Chrissy and her assistant trainer Marcela are wonderful trainers (and very talented riders) who create a customized program for each client. Over the last four years riding with Chrissy I have greatly improved my foundational core and built up my confidence in the hunter ring. In addition to her excellent training program, all her horses are incredibly well cared for and their health and happiness is always the top priority. 
-Nicole S.

The barn community is incredibly warm and supportive across the board. This is the riding instruction I have been looking for my entire life and it is amazing to me how much progress I’ve made in such a brief period of time. It is gives me incredible peace of mind to know that both Hepburn and I are in such good hands for training and for her care. I have been incredibly grateful this year to have found you all. -Debra K.